Opal – the rainbow gem

Opal’s spectacular play-of-color can display all the hues of the rainbow. Opals contain a kaleidoscopic of gem of colors – the red of ruby, the green of emerald, the yellow of topaz, the blue of sapphire, and the purple of amethyst. Because opal embodies the colors of other gems, the Romans considered opal to be the most precious gem of all. Opals have intrigued and romanced the lives of such notable figures as Mark Antony & Cleopatra, Shakespeare, Napoleon & Josephine, & Queen Victoria.

Nye Jewelers imports the very finest opals directly from the Andamooka mine in South Australia. For half a century, Christensen & Company has uncovered some of the world’s finest opals in the mines of Andamooka in the Australian Outback. Nye Jewelers is an Authorized retailer of the Christensen Collection opal jewelry – mined in Australia, crafted in Honolulu. Visit our showroom to try on opal rings, necklaces & pendants, or rings form the Christensen collection!