Lab-grown diamonds

Nye Jewelers sources, selects, and sets the finest lab-grown diamonds!

Laboratory-grown diamonds

Nye Jewelers has access to over 5,000 certified lab-grown diamonds! Choose your diamond and it will be delivered for free on memo Next-day Air with no purchase required! No supply chain issues here!

Lab-grown diamonds offer the exact gemological properties of natural diamonds, but ring in at much lower prices. Lab-grown diamonds deliver more sparkle for your spend! The laboratory process replicates the natural conditions of diamond formation by subjecting carbon to extreme temperatures (700°C) and intense pressure within a plasma chamber. What has taken Nature hundreds of millions of years to produce can now be mimicked in a mere two months. Indeed, there is no difference in quality between a diamond grown by scientists and one grown naturally in the Earth – except for the price point! Moreover, not only are lab-grown diamonds less expensive than mined diamonds, but also the man-made process is far better for the environment. Some 80,000 tons of ore must be mined in order to yield a single carat of diamond.

All of our lab-grown diamonds come fully certified by the Geological Institute of America or the International Gemological Institute which documents a diamonds authenticity and characteristics. The benefit of growing a diamond in a laboratory under controlled conditions ensures optimal properties and all this is documented in the free Diamond Grading Report which will accompany your diamond! In fact, lab-grown diamonds tend to form within coveted near colorless quality and with amazing clarity. 


James P.


“I was able to purchase a 3 carat diamond for our 30th wedding anniversary at a fraction of the cost of a mined diamond. The color and clarity of the diamond is exquisite and exceptional. My wife receives tons of compliments everywhere we go!”