Bulova Watch Company

NyeğŸ’ŽJewelers is an Authorized Retailer of Bulova Ladies’ and Men’s watches. Founded 140 years ago by Joseph Bulova, the company is a testament to the American Dream. Joseph was just 19 when he first came to this country from what is today the Czech Republic. After completing apprenticeships in both watchmaking and goldsmithing, Joseph Bulova entered the employ of Charles Tiffany at Tiffany & Co. Joseph Bulova decided to start his own small jewelry shop in New York City around 1875. This jewelry shop, located in New York’s Maiden Lane specialized in jewelry and the repair of clocks and the occasional pocket watch.

Ever the entrepreneur, Bulova saw the future of the watch industry not on the wall, but on your wrist and in your pocket. Joseph Bulova’s pioneering spirit led him to create exceptional watches in innovative case shapes. He more than held his ground against the Swiss competition and eventually established his own Swiss Manufacture in Bienne, moving the manufacture there in 1912. A century and half later, the iconic name Bulova is synonymous with American design and Swiss watchmaking. Visit our showroom to try on one of our many Bulova’s wristwatches!