About Us

In the nearly 76 years of business, Nye Jewelers has established itself as a premier jewelry maker and retailer in the tri-state area. Norman Nye started fixing watches for his fellow GI’s during his downtime while fighting in Europe in WWII. After coming home from the war, Norman enrolled in the New Jersey School of Watchmaking & Repair under the G.I. Bill. He gained employment at Patrick J. Monahan Jewelry in Green Ridge corners.

Norman worked as a bench jeweler for Patrick J. Monahan Jewelry for many years until Monahan’s death. Mr. Nye decided to purchase the business from Monahan’s widow in June of 1955. the business operated under the fictitious name P.J. Monahan, Jewelers in homage of Norman’s mentor and fellow brother-in-arms.

Father and son worked along side each other as Norman’s father oversaw the showroom while Norman did the jewelry work. The Monahan and Nye name became synonymous with exquisite jewelry and quality service. Due to his father’s aging health, Norman moved the jewelry business and repair shop into his home. He repaired jewelry in his full fledged jewelry shop in the basement and sold diamonds at his kitchen table.

When the two sons became of age, Norman said, ‘If you want to be in the business, you have to go to jewelry school’. And so his two sons followed in their grandfather’s and father’s footsteps. The sons learned to make art with their hands, but owe thanks to the very skilled master craftsmen who they had as a father. The sons opened a showroom in 1974 in Burlington Coat Factory Plaza in Eynon and rebranded the business as Nye Jewelers. Shortly thereafter, the sons opened a second location within the Burlington Plaza named Fashion Jewelry. In 1994, the fine jewelry and fashion jewelry stores were combined into one grand location with 30+ showcases of diamonds, watches, fine jewelry, and fashion jewelry in the Fashion Mall on Route 6.

“Our work speaks for itself – we have people who drive in from New York, New Jersey, and even Maryland who wish to commission a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or anniversary gift. Even NEPA snowbirds who fly south for the winter, they can never seem to trust another jeweler with their family heirlooms. It’s a unique business bond between jeweler and client – once they’ve trusted in our care and craft, they’re a patron forever. And we’re very grateful to hear new clients say, ‘My friends so-and-so said to come here and nowhere else!'”

As the business enters its fourth generation, Nye Jewelers continues to sell brands originally sold at Patrick J. Monahan’s Jewelry such as Bulova watches. Nye Jewelers has moved into the marketing via social media and selling nationwide. We are inundated with messages and calls about the pieces we post online. Especially since Covid, there is a renewed interest for expert craftsmanship as well as custom jewelry work and repair.