Nye­čĺÄJewelers Diamond Earring Lifetime Upgrade Program´┐╝

When shopping at Nye Jewelers, you can shop with confidence knowing that your diamond solitaire earring purchase retains its full paid value with our free Lifetime Upgrade Program. Our program allows you to redeem 100% of the original purchase price of your diamond solitaire earrings and to place that credit towards the purchase of larger carat solitaire earrings.

Terms & Conditions

  • Lifetime Upgrade Program free with purchase
  • No minimums on new purchase amounts
  • 100% of paid value towards full retail of new purchase
  • The ability to upgrade anytime
  • Trade-in value excludes taxes

Qualifying purchases

  • Diamond solitaire earrings
  • Mined and Lab-grown diamonds

Free Lifetime Cleanings & Inspections